4 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You

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Cesar's Way: Correcting Common Dog Problems like jumping

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Stop your dog from Jumping on You


One of the most common issues experienced by dog owners is their dog jumping on people. Although some dog owners find it interesting, most people get upset whenever their dogs come jumping on them every time they come through the front door. Not only is this an annoying habit, but it’s also a disturbing one. The reason for this behavior is that dogs are naturally active creatures. Whenever they get left alone inside the house, they find it difficult to release their energy. Therefore, they jump whenever they see their masters to discharge their built-up energy and at the same time trying to play with their master.

However, by practicing these easy steps, can turn your dog from an unruly to a well-behaved dog:

  1. Teaching Your Dog the Sit Command

Training your dog to be obedient is one of the first things you need to do. What better way to do this than to teach him how to sit. Whenever your dog makes a leap towards you, try to push out your hip or use your leg to prevent him from jumping on you. After he lands on all fours, you can command him to stop and sit in a firm and authoritative tone. This will show him who the master is and you want him to comply with your orders. This will also serve as a signal that you are not pleased with what he has done. When your dog realizes this, he will do anything to win back your affection. Interesting isn’t it?

  1. Being Consistent

Being consistent is very important in training your dog. This will reinforce your dog’s behavior and make him realize what you want and don’t want. Having him follow your orders such as “sit“, “stay” and “stop” usually takes time, but patience regarding this matter is strongly advised. If possible, you can ask your family members or people in the household to help you by continuing this training routine whenever you are out of the house.

  1. Ignoring Your Dog

Beneath the rough appearance, your dog is a very keen observer. He will know whenever you are pleased or displeased with him by simply observing your behavior. Whenever your dog tries to pounce at you, turn arround and ignore him. You can also just turn a quater, but do not make eye contact, fully ignore him, because you don’t want this behavior. This helps him realize that jumping is not an acceptable behavior. In the long run, your dog will not try to do this again because he does not want you to get mad at him. It can take some time before your dog gets it, so be patience and consistent.

Real meat super Treat

These treats are good for the dogs and they love them too! It is a win-win.


  1. Reward Your Dog


The best way to show that you accept his actions is to reward your dog. This will help strengthen your relationship with your dog. Saying phrases like “very good “or” Good boy” will keep him doing what you please from this source. Also, giving him doggie treats such as a bone or a biscuit is a good idea. Pat his head affectionately as this will make the both of you happy and contented.


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