5 Ways to Know If Your Dog Is Stressed

  • Severe decrease in appetite
  • Severe Sickness in dog
  • sleeping and drooping
  • solitude in dogs
  • Sudden anger towards someone
  • 5 signs your dog is stressed
  • is your dog stressed?

5 Ways to Know If Your Dog Is Stressed

The old wise saying that a dog is a human being’s best friend is still a reality as a lot of situations depicting the same are seen by us in real life. A lot of people might be insensitive to the problems and difficulties that the dogs encounter and might consider such issues as insignificant. But, only a true dog lover or an inspired lover of the beauty of nature can experience the true joy of sharing feelings with an animal like a dog. What most of us fail to do is to recognise the fact that dogs have a lot of enhanced abilities that far exceed that of us humans, and they too have feelings of their own.


When dogs see their loved ones around them, they are quite excited and happy and loiter around with wagging tails. When they are sad or stressed, they hide in the corner with a droopy face unable to express their feelings as easily as we do. We do not necessarily need to know how to find out if a dog is happy or not, as the sight of a happy dog is clearly recognisable by anyone with feelings. However, it might be quite difficult to tell the difference between a dog’s expressions when it is stressed, sad or sick. A sad dog does not respond well even when its loving master is around it and the best we can do is at least try to make an effort to understand the difficulties the dog might be facing. Our claims on morality and humanity might be justified once we decide to do the same to a poor dog which needs someone to understand it. So, here are a few ways in which you can find out if your dog is stressed or not.

1. Solitude

solitude in dogs


While solitude is one major problem that the entire world tries to stay away from, it is sometimes nice to be alone too. It works quite similarly with dogs too except in their case, sometimes dogs have tendency to continue their solitude even after the time period of its necessity passes by. Given that this happens, it is an indicator of the anxiety or the sickness of the dog. Sometimes, when a dog is unable to move freely as usual due to sickness, it tries to avoid almost everybody, even members from its own species. This problem can be sorted out by taking it to a veterinarian and performing a clear test to detect any form of sickness.


2. A lot of time spent sleeping or drooping

sleeping and drooping

Dogs are not new on this one, as even a lot of us spend our time drooping and sleeping when we are extremely lazy to get a job done or maybe on a cold winter morning when we would rather sleep with the sheets tightly wrapped around us than wake up. But with dogs, the reason is slightly different. Most dogs end up having continuous bouts of sleep especially when they are very sick and are unable to even perform regular tasks. This extreme expression of fatigue can also be a sign of several different medical conditions including heart and liver problems, diabetes, tumours or diarrhoea.

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3. Severe decrease in appetite

Severe decrease in appetite

Unlike most of us who have several reasons to skip meals like wanting to look slim and sexy or following a cult, there is only one reason why a dog would show disinterest when acquainted to food, and that is, something’s wrong! Sometimes, it is the deterioration of the health of the dog that forces it to lose appetite while at other times, conditions like diarrhoea and anorexia can force it from having regular food. Even this problem can only be solved by getting the dog checked by an experienced veterinarian.


4. Sudden anger towards someone

Sudden anger towards someone

It can be anyone. Be it the frequent mailman, or the milkman who comes early in the morning, if a dog is angry with someone there is no way in the world you can control it unless you console it. Most people do not have a specific idea as to how this is done 2u6wrn8. Depending upon the rapport and understanding that exists between the owner and the dog, the dog might cease to be stressed within a short time required for a wink at the dog. However, if the rapport isn’t strong enough, you might want to stay away from its tantrums as it might even bite its owner. It is not the method of detecting the situation that is difficult as a dog with tantrums is quite easy to spot. The only solution to overcome this situation might be to train the dog and develop a good rapport with it, well in advance.

5. Severe Sickness

Severe Sickness in dog

One of the most obvious reasons as to why the dog might be stressed is that the dog is suffering from a medical ailment which it cannot cure. Unlike humans, dogs have an ability to take care of themselves when they suffer from minor medical ailments. But if their condition is quite worse due to some dangerous diseases like constipation or gastrointestinal infections, it is highly unlikely that the dog will do anything from its side. One of the best ways to get rid of this situation is to again take it to a qualified veterinarian who has the ability to treat the dog effectively, so that you can once again see your adorable dog the way it was before.

After reading this do you think your dog might be stresses?

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)


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