7 Tips to Train Your Dog

dogtraining.17 Tips to Train your Dog

Training your dog is fun, you have some quality time together and after the training you have the play time, because training your dog is very intensive for your dog. When I trained Nikita I had in mind that I never wanted her to get blamed for something, because I didn’t train her well.

  1. Plan the training
    Decide what you want him to learn today, you only train one thing at a time, maybe todays goal will be learning him to sit. Visualize your dog doing the exercise in your head. Make sure you have the treats prepared and in the right place, you should be able to get a treat in 2 seconds. Don’t make the food rewards to big, it is better to use small treats, because you might need to give your dog a lot of food rewards and you don’t want him to get overweight
  2. Focus (no distractions for you, like cellphone or tv)
    It is very important that you are focussed, you are asking a lot of concentration from your dog, so it is little to ask that you should do something as well and that is focus completely on the training time
  3. Keep your training sessions short, say about 5 minutes at a time
    You can do more training sessions a day, but keep them short to keep your dog motivated. Add some play or relax time in between training sessions. When a training takes to long your dog will show signs of demotivation, the sign can be:
    1. your dog walks away
    2. your dog doesn’t want his reward
    3. your dogs reaction is slowing down
    4. your dog is yawning (can also be a sign of stress)
  4. Be patience – take baby steps
    Don’t be hard on your dog when he doesn’t get it ride away. We don’t all learn at the same speed, dogs are no difference. Just practice it again and again, keep the practice short and don’t reward your dog for not doing a command because then your dog can learn to not-to-respond to commands. So stay always critical on what you reward.
  5. Training with result =  reward your dog with a food reward or play time, whatever makes your dog happy
    If you are training your dog to sit, you can give a small reward, but for example you are learning him to stay, which is difficult, also because you walk away, the reward or treat can be bigger. Your dog wants to concentrate better if he knows he will get a reward. Make sure your dog doesn’t see the food rewards, otherwise he only wants the reward. Nikita for example, wanted to see what see was getting before she did anything, that is not the way it should be.
  6. Ask only 1 Time
    Do you know those people telling their dog, sit, sit, sit, please sit, sit, now sit! I have done it also and let’s face it, it is anoying, also for you dog. So the way to do it is, ask it 1 time, if your dog does not sit, wait for 10 seconds and repeat it another time. This way it is relaxed for you and for your dog.
  7. Have Fun
    Training shoul be fun, it should not look like boring school work. Is your dog wagging his tail, are you having fun, does your dog make you laugh? Having fun is important, your dog will learn much better. If you dog is not having fun anymore, take him for a walk or play ball or something, stop the training. You can pratice the training later or the next day.

I hope the tips are helpfull, have fun training your dog

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