About Nikita

2014-06-28 21.33.38 (2) Hi, I’m Nikita, I’m a very sweet little maltese dog

I just turned 11 on august 10 2014. I’m with my 2 owners (Hans & Simone) since the beginning. When they first met me, I fit on their hand. I’m a big dog now, although that’s my opinion, but I started out real small.

Let me tell you why the chose me, I was the only one who wasn’t making any noise when I saw them for the first time, what my owners didn’t know then was that I didn’t hear a thing and I still don’t. Yeah you read it right, I was born deaf.

The first 8 or 10 weeks when I was living in my new home, they still didn’t notice my deafness, and I didn’t know that they didn’t know, if you know what I mean, and well I was very little then, everything was new and exiting, ofcourse I had to play with all my toys, explore the house and outside, so sometimes I watched them and then I “listened” but when I didn’t watch them for them it was like if I was ignoring them. So they looked mad at me sometimes, wich made me feel sad 🙁

Luckely for me, a friend of the family told them, Nikita is deaf. They didný believe at first, but one day there came a man he put something in my ear and laught, because I was smelling on that thing, I wanted to know what it was, well that thing told my owners that I didn’t hear a thing.

Then everyting changed in a good way, in the beginning I tought what are the doing, they are waving there hands like an idiot, so I watched and after a while I watched them more and more even when they didn’t wave with their hands (like idiots :-)) and then they started talking to me with their hands, we learned sign language together.

They now tell people even if she is deaf, we have the best listening dog their is and that’s true, because I watch them very closely.

In november 2013 we had a very sad time, the vet diagnosed me with a tumor under the armpit. You can imagine that my two owners cried a lot that time. So I was brought to the hospital, to make sure the cancer did not spread, I got an echo as well, they saw something on the echo, very stressfull.  So I got sugery, they removed the tumor opend my belly as well to make sure there was nothing there, Luckily I was clean 🙂

When Simone and Hans came to get me, the only thing I wanted was to go home and fast! I had a great and very fast recovery. The tumor I had was very agressive, but now, almost a year later, I’m still arround and a very happy, little bit spoiled but very loving little dog!



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