How to avoid Food and Toys Aggression in Dogs?

avoid food agression in dogsPuppy Food Aggression

How to avoid dog food or toys aggresssion?

You don’t want it to happen that you give your dog food and you have to jump away, because otherwise he will attack you or he starts growling at you.

And many people will think, no way, my dog will never do that, but believe me, this weekend we had friends over with a dog a little bit bigger then a chihuahua and the owner was really afraid of his dog, when food was given to the dog called Binky, we saw a completely different dog, he started growling and was showing his teeth. Their sweet little dog Binky was definitely the boss in the house.

How did we do that with Nikita, our sweet little maltese. Well as mentioned before Nikita was born deaf and we were not welcome at the puppy course because of here deafness, back then I didn’t look at online training courses like Doggy Dan.

So bought some books to train Nikita. When I gave Nikita her food (she was a little puppy back then), I sat next to her and pretended that I wanted to eat as well or I was petting her while eating. With toys I did the same, I gave her a toy and let her play and after a while I took the toy away from her. And if Nikita wants something she has to do something in return, like sit or give paw or things like that.

Doggy Dan the online Dog trainer, has also a great video I want to share with you how to avoid food aggression in your puppy. If you like this video and you want to see more training video’s from Doggy Dan, he offers a 3 Day TRIAL for only $1 and his training is very good and fun to watch. His training program is for every dog, small or big, puppy or senior.




How to Deal with an older dog with food aggression?

If your dog has food aggression and is not a puppy anymore and maybe it is a bigger dog then a maltese then I don’t recommend sitting next to your dog while he is eating. But you can start with some basics:

  • Let your dog sit and wait before you give him his food
  • When your dog is eating, throw something really good in your dog’s food bowl (for example cheese or bacon), to show your dog that entering him and his food is a positive thing
  • If it is possible try to hand feed your dog, this way you are the leader, you controle how your dog eats and how much
  • You can claim the food bowl or toy with you feet, if your dog is already food and toy aggressive I advice you to wear boots or jeans to prefent injury if your dog is trying to attack your feet

One important tip: Don’t ever give your dog food if he is jumping or biting your hands. If you give him the food then, your dog will think that what he is doing is right and you don’t want that to happen. You don’t want to be the teacher of unwanted behavior.





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