Best Way to Train your Puppy to Come?

Best Way to Train your Puppy to Come?Best Way to Train your Puppy to Come?

You are walking with your puppy and you are in a park or so, make sure it is a safe place without cars or traffic, then you think it would be nice if he could walk off leash right now, but will he come when you want him to come? How do you learn your puppy to do that? Have you also seen some people calling and calling there dog. They are getting frustrated, because their dog doesn’t want to come, so what to do? Run to your puppy? No I think not, your puppy will think you want to play with him and starts running as well. Or your dog thinks, my owner is not happy so I should better stay away.

How did we learn Nikita to come?

As you know, Nikita was deaf, so calling did not work very well. What I did when I walked Nikita off leash and she did not pay attention to me, I hide. Yep I did, I hide behind a tree, while standing behind the tree a woman walking her golden retriever, that came watch wath I was doing, told me that Nikita had noticed me being gone! With Nikita this worked very well, she immediatly learned to watch me as well and from that day on I always said my dog is deaf but I the best listening dog their is 🙂 I made a hand gesture which was the sign for Nikita to come. You can use a sound or just call your puppy.

One other thing I did with Nikita when she didn’t want to come, I started walking away from her.

Another misstake people make is, your puppy is walking off leash, you call him and you put the leash on. What do you think your puppy (dog)  is thinking, he was running around happy and free, you call him and boom there goes the freedom, he is on leash again. dog on leashSo what is a better way to do it? Well call you dog, give him a treat but let him go play again and the next time you call him you put the leash on or you give him another treat or just a hug or something. This way your puppy learns it is fun to come to my owner.









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Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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  1. Moon says:

    I love this post, it is very helpfull. But I have a question, my puppy eats everything from the streets, how can I prevent that? I hope you will help me with this problem.

    Regards Moon

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