Biking With Your Dog

Biking with your Dog – a great outdoor activity for you and your dog!

We loved to ride our bikes with Nikita, but Nikita sat in a carrier or bicycle basket, she loved it. Nikita was a bit lazy and ofcourse she was a small dog. For us riding our bikes is a great and relaxing excercise and luckely Nikita felt the same about it.

But when you have a bigger or an very active small dog who needs more exercise you can also learn your dog to run besides your bike. Then you can enjoy this great activity together. Maybe it is better to ask your Vet first if your dog is in a good condition for running. Once your dog is cleared by the vet you can start the training.

    • Start slowly, you have to build up your dog’s stamina first You can start by walking the bike, you on one site and your dog on the other side
    • Train your dog on commands like stop, left, right, slow down
    • Consider your dog’s breed, maybe he cannot run as far as you want. You can consider a a doggy ride
    • Let your dog get used to the Walky Dog Dog Bicycle Exerciser hands free Leash, train this with short distances and built it up to longer ones
    • Keep a close eye on your dog while If he shows any signs of exhaustion, pain, soreness, excessive panting, or has trouble breathing, you’ve pushed it too far and it’s time to stop. Also watch your dog because Any distraction (another dog, animal, or person) that causes your dog to pull away can cause both of you to take a tumble.
    • Watch the weather, if it is raining your dog can slip and fall.
    • Make sure you bring enough water for you and your dog
    • Bring some treats as well for your dog and for yourself, because the relaxing part of biking are also the stops you make.
    • And have lots and lots of fun, I know we did 🙂

After the bike ride

Make sure you check your dog, check his feed, his fur everything. If your worked out in a grassy of woodsy area, check for ticks or other unwanted things and give him plenty of water, because he will need it.

Please let me know what you favorite outdoor exercise is with your dog. Tell it in the comments below, I love to hear it.

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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