How to build a doghouse?

DoghouseHow to build a doghouse?

What is a doghouse?

It is an outdoor home for your dog, which gives him shelter and provides a safe and a dry place. You can build a doghouse yourself or you can buy one. Their is a big variety of doghouses, very big ones with a porch or small ones. Basic doghouses or almost complete villa’s.


Build a doghouse!

If you love to build your own doghouse there are a lot of free plans you can use. Or if you are very handy yourself, design your own outdoor home for your pooch. I looked up a couple of free plans so you can build the outdoor home of your dogs choice

Here you’ll find a Free doghouse plan for this great looking outdoor home with a small porch, complete instrutions on how to build this great looking doghouse it is called Sparky1. Free doghouse plan I found this one on the website





Here is another one a Designer Dog Kennel, if your pooch deserves a kind a of castle you should check out this free plan and start building. designer dog kennelYou’ll find images, plans, instructions, and a material list as part of this free dog house plan. Your best friend deserves the best so you will really spoil your pooch with this great looking and comfy outdoor home.







This dog house looks amazing and can be build for under $75! It is an outdoor home for small or medium size dogs with a 9 square foot base. The plan comes with an tools need list and a material list. Photo’s and blueprint will help you with the building proces. doghouse for small-medium dogsYou can also see an already build house in the comments below. I think this one looks very good and comfy.






Are you looking for a more unique doghouse? This is a log cabin for your pooch, if you build it a lot bigger, you can live in it yourself 🙂 There is a Step by step plan to build this beautiful log cabin, you’ll find a material list and even a video. dog log cabinThis Free plan comes from DIY Network






If you have build your own doghouse or bought one I love to see a picture of it, so please feel free to share a picture in the comments below.

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)


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