Does a Dog Have a Soul?

Does a Dog Have a Soul?

I’m certain that dogs and all animals have souls tooWhy? Well when my Nikita passed away on december 13th of 2014 I felt really lost? It was the saddest moment in my life, ofcourse I knew that I would outlive Nikita, but I secretly hoped that she could stay with me forever, that she would become the oldest dog ever!

Nikita was the joy of my life, my best friend, the joy of my lifehow do I go on without her? I think most people have the same hurt and sad feelings when your beloved pet passes away. 

talked to a lot of people, I cried a lot and I searched on the internet. That’s where I came across this book 

Pets have souls Too from Jenny Smedley. 

I wanted to read this book, because I wanted to know if Nikita was okay, if she was in a safe and happy place. I wanted to know if it was possible to see her again and was she looking at me sometimes.

Who is Jenny Smedley?

Jenny Smedley DPLT is a past life therapist, an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, international columnist, angel consultant, and one of the UK’s leading experts in the subject of past lives.

You can visit her website at

What is the book, Pets have souls too, about?

I loved the book, I really did, it made me feel much better. The book is actually a book about people who have lost their beloved pets and the share their amazing stories in it which will touch your heart. It is not only about dogs but the stories are about past life experience of cats, horses, birds, dogs and more. In the beginning Jenny tells about her own animals, how she discovered her ability to empathise and communicate with animals. At the end of the book are communication exercises which are simple, concise and effective.

After reading the book I decided to visit a medium who could communicate with animals too. Let me tell you why I did that: I felt really lonely without her and lost and life is not so much fun anymore. But I was afraid that I let Nikita down, by wanting another dog? I was afraid that she would think that I did not love her anymore.

So I went to an animal communicator. I have done that once before also about Nikita, because of Nikita her deafness we had problems with other dogs. Pet Communicator

What I did this time was, I showed her a picture of Nikita, but I did no tell her that Nikita had past over to the other side. So I sat quietly and waited what she was going to tell me, she looked closely at the pictured and then asked me, Is Nikita passed away? I said: Yes, she is? Then the medium said to me: You want another dog, but you are afraid that you’ll hurt Nikita by buying a new dog! She said: Don’t be afraid of that, Nikita wants you to have a new dog, she wants you to be happy again! and then I started to cry, because without telling her anything she told me exactly what I was afraid of. She also told me that Nikita liked the Facebook page I made 🙂

So the book, Pets Have Souls Too and my visit to the pet communicator did help me a lot. I would suggest that all pet lovers read it. I now know that my answer to Does a dog have a Soul? Yes they do, all animals have souls.

 Have you ever had an experience of your late pet bringing you a visit?

If you do, I would love to hear about it, so please leave me a comment below. I have sometimes the feeling that Nikita is here and I still talk to her every day.


Cheers Simone & (Nikita)


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