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Maltese gets kong activity toyGive your dog something to do, with some great dog activity toys.

A lot of animals don’t have a lot of daily activity. Nikita comes to work with me, but she is sleeping most of the day. Of course we walk her 4 times a day, before work and at lunch time, when we come home and before bedtime.

What we love to give her when we are going to watch a movie, or when we have to leave without her, is a Kong. She really loves to get her Kong, because we always put one of her favorites snacks in it. We sometimes think she is happy to see us leave 🙂

 What is a Kong?

It is a dog toy, made of natural rubber and hollow in the middle. And the hollow part that’s were the potential is, you stuff it with your dog’s favorite snack or you use the Kong STuff N paster, which comes in different flavors. The Kong comes in different colors and sizes, you have the small, medium, large and the senior version. It is up to you which one to use. Nikita has the medium size kong. Kongs are without a doubt the most durable toy on the market. Your dog will love his or her Kong without a doubt. I highly recommend anyone with a dog, buy a Kong, your dog loves it, it prevents them from chewing something you don’t want, it keeps them busy in a fun way. It’s a great toy for learning them to stay home alone. Its a great toy for crate training and ones again, your dog will love it!

Squeakers toys

Again great indoor toys, which your dog can chew on, throw with, play fetch with. Nikita loves fluffy toys. I must admit we don’t like the squeaking and as Nikita is deaf we punch the squeaking part with a knitting needle and put a stop the squeaking sound. But not everyone has the privileges of a deaf dog, so you and your dog can enjoy the squeaking sound. The great thing about the Kong dog toy (see add) is that it has no stuffing in them.

Nikita always gets the stuffing out of a toy. Another great thing about this toy is it’s price you can even buy three items at once for a special price.

Your dog will definitely have a lot of fun with these toys, but you need a couple of them if they are like my Nikita, my little sweet and loving toy destroyer


Rope Toys

Another must have toy for your dog, great for chewing and they chew a lot when the are little. This toy also flosses your dogs theets. Also a great toy to play tug games with. Nikita loves to play with this and it is a hard to destroy toy. This toys is available in different sizes and different colors. It’s a fun toy for in and outdoor play, it helps cleaning the theeth and it prevents your dog from shewing something he shouldn’t.

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