Dog Collars for Medium Dogs

Dog Collars for Medium Dogs

Some great collars for medium size dogs. If you have a bigger dog, a medium size dog, you will need a proper collar and you want one that wil match your style, at least that is what I like.
So I have made a small selection for you from which you can choose, but there are a lot more collars to choose from



Black Leather Dog Collar – CLEARANCE

$39.99 (inc GST Tax)
$36.35 (exc GST Tax)

Looking for a stunning, master piece spiked leather dog collar?

This Heavy Duty Studded Leather Dog Collar is made from premium grade bridle leather and quality steel fittings.
The D-Ring is welded and sits at the middle of the collar and loops around the entire leather dog collar strap to ensure maximum holding strength, safety and comfort for your dog.




Dog Collar – Queen of Hearts (Slimline)

$80.00 (inc GST Tax)
$72.73 (exc GST Tax)

A stunning leather collar for queens and aspiring princesses 🙂 There is simply nothing like it available elsewhere!
This is truly an original hand crafted piece – absolutely and totally unique it’s our truly original design for royals of the canine kingdom….




Dog Collar - Rogue Ranger Brass

Dog Collar – Rogue Ranger Brass

$82.50 (inc GST Tax)
$75.00 (exc GST Tax)
This is a timeless classic and fashionable dog collar .  This leather dog collar also comes with a matching lead that completes the set. This dog collar is available in two sizes. Medium (M) and Large(L). At 2.5 cm wide, this dog collar is suited for staffies and large breeds alike. The matching leather lead has a padded handle is 110cm long and has decals at the head of the ;eash which just makes this special piece all the more amazing.
Leather Dog Collars - Overlocked Collection

Leather Dog Collars – Overlocked Collection

$95.00 (inc GST Tax)
$86.36 (exc GST Tax)
Colors: Black, Purple, Blue and Dusky Pink
The Leather Overlocked Dog collar is a stunning yet understated dog collar unlike any dog collar you’ve seen.  The Rogue Royalty Overlocked range is functional wider fit and fits for almost any of the medium to larger breeds. The overlocked dog leather collar design is extremely unique and is especially useful as a hound collar because it provides a beautiful snug fit without being to cumbersome. It is fully padded and  lined with a luxurious soft  leather to ensure the maximum comfort for your dog.The studs are flat cone stainless steel and provide flair without being overstated.


Here some great leashes to match these great collars

Dog Leash – Black Shimmer

$90.00 (inc GST Tax)
$81.82 (exc GST Tax)
Luxury Leather and Swarovski Crystal Dog Leash
genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals are securely fitted by hand into premium quality leather and fittings made from solid steel, the craftsmanship of this collar ensures it will last for years to come.
Leather Dog Leash - "Queen of Hearts"

Leather Dog Leash – “Queen of Hearts”

$80.00 (inc GST Tax)
$72.73 (exc GST Tax)
The Queen of Hearts Dog Leash is an original quality masterpiece. This leash is made from premium grade bridle leather and is double layered for strength, functionality and comfort.
The hearts are hand carved and the head of the dog leash is set with Swarovski stones with a strong heavy duty latch which has the signature hallmarks of Rogue Royalty quality and workmanship.
Dog Leash - Rogue Ranger Silver

Dog Leash – Rogue Ranger Silver

$80.00 (inc GST Tax)
$72.73 (exc GST Tax)
Matches the Dog Collar – Roque ranger Brass. Together they make a fashionable and cool looking set
Cheers Simone & (Nikita)
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