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Dog puzzle treat gamesPuzzle Treat Toys For Dogs

Puzzle games and toys for dogs are great to exercise your dog’s mind and body. They prevent and reduce boredom and strenghten your bond with your dog. If you have no time to play with your dog, or you are just not in the mood after a long day at work. Let your dog have some fun with a dog treat puzzle. Their are so many dog puzzle games and toys you can choose from, so i’m sure you will find the perfect one for your dog.


Most dogs are easily amused with practically anything you wave at their faces. You may find that soon you and your dog are in a playtime rut. Your dog’s once favorite toy would now have become a clutter thrown on one side of your house. So, it is the time to buy new exciting puzzles or toys for dogs that will keep the busy and warm during cold days.

There are special puzzles for dogs that will split treats in your dog’s mouth as it shakes. These types of toys are extremely helpful in providing your dog with varied treats according to the mood. Your dog will be busy scrounging up those treats you have hidden. This gives your pup more of a cognitive challenge and enrichment in his or her daily routine. Don’t stop your dog from finding various textures and scents.

KONG Goodie Bone is a good toy for food dispensing. The classic bone shape is adorable and you can load it with the treats your dog desires. If you are using treat containing toy the first time, make sure it releases the stuff quite easily to pleasure your dog. While adding treats to the toy, try to do this in front of the dog, to make it understand. Shake or roll it until a few treats fall out and let your dog gobble them up. Make sure to praise them afterward. This way, your pet will start getting to play with the toy the right way and will easily enjoy the treats inside. Anytime you introduce a new puzzle, supervise playtime until you are sure it is safe for your dog to play alone while you are at work.

Give your pet the attention he or she truly deserves. Not only is this fun time beneficial for your dog, but it will also boost your mood seeing how happy your furry friend is when playing with you. This medium is a perfect time to know how brilliant and smart your dog is. Make sure your selection of puzzles for dogs is purposeful. If you take care of what you are choosing, it will help you understand your dog’s interest more easily. If your dog is disturbed or bored, you can refer to this knowledge. A beloved toy can do the trick to calm your dog.

There are various puzzles and toys for dogs online. Occasionally introducing a new intellectually stimulating and brain teasing puzzle to your pup will provide a much-needed change of pace for you both.

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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