Are Dogs Really Colorblind?

colorblind what dogs see Are Dogs Really Colorblind?

Well they are not completely colorblind they can see the colors yellow and blue.

Dogs are born blind and deaf

This is true, when they are born they are blind and deaf and after 10-14 days there eyes open and the closed ear canals open themselves. This last part wasn’t the case with our Nikita.

What does your dog see?

To be able to observe colors are special cells that absorb light in the retina; so-called retinal cones.People have 3 types of cones, each cone sensitive to a different color: red, green, and blue. With these 3 cones together we are able to see everything in ‘ full colour ‘. Dogs only 2 types of cones and they have also look less like us. They see therefore fewer colors and the colors they see are less intense.

This picture shows what your dog sees and how you see it: What your dog sees

You see that a dog doesn’t see the color red of the flowers. And then if you think about dog toys, a lot of dog toys are red. I also bought red toys for Nikita, because I liked the color of the toy but now I know that she didn’t see that beautiful color at all.

Look at this example of a red Ball and maybe you now have the answer is you have a red ball why your dog cann’t find it so quikly 🙂

red ball trough dog eyesNow you know the problem isn’t your dog, he or she is smart enough, just choose another color of ball like yellow for example and he will find it in know time.




3 reasons why dogs see better in the dark.

  1. They have more rods – > In the retina are next to cones also other light-sensitive cells: they are called rods. Rods are very light sensitive and ensure that we can see even in low light. Dogs have more rods than we do.
  2. More Light – > Next to the rods are 2 parts of the eye that are of interest to the amount of light that the eye comes in: the cornea and the lens. The cornea-also called corneal called-is the transparent part on the outside of the eye where the light falls by looking within. The lens is located behind the pupil dogs have a larger cornea of people making them be able to absorb more light.
  3. Tapetum lucidum -> You probably have seen a picture of a cat in the dark, a flash was used and on the photo it looks like the eyes have light in them. Eyes of some animals light up in the dark. Behind the retina is a kind of mirror-the tapetum lucidum-it has a shiny surface and it reflects incoming light. In this way can be used to the incoming light extra. Dogs also have a tapetum lucidum and see better in the dark than we do.

This picture shows the difference between human and dog view: dog view versus human view

Now you know what your dog sees and if you buy a toy remember the right colors, dogs can see yellow and blue. (and black and white)

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)
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