Foods that can cause allergy to your dog

common dog allergyFoods that can cause allergy to your dog


Does your dog have food allergy?

Guys, Food allergies are common among young children but this is a surprising fact that our four legs companions may also suffer from food allergies. Just like humans, dogs may also suffer from food allergy problem when their immune system thinks the food is harmful or not suitable.

Does your dog have food allergy?

In case, your dog is suffering from food allergy then most common symptoms you can observe are – itching, paw biting, strong ear inflammation, lower quality of coat and excessive licking, skin irritation, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, chronic gas, hives, vomiting etc.

If you notice any of the symptoms then it is confirmed that your dog is suffering from food allergy problem. The stronger would be the allergens; more severe would be the symptoms. In few cases, symptoms may be life threatening when not cured on time.

Any ingredient can cause food allergy

We cannot be sure about the food that can cause allergy to your pet but here are most common foods that should not be given to avoid allergy condition among dogs. The most common food items are – Egg, Limb, Pork, beef, chicken, Soy, corn, wheat, diary etc.

In case, your dog has allergy from one food item then he may have food allergies from other ingredients as well. Every time you identify allergens, it is better to eliminate that particular food from your pet’s diet.

How to cure food allergies?

The best idea is to give two or three foods to your dog at a single time. In this case, you would be able to quickly indentify about the food that can cause allergy to your dog. If you are sure your dog has not allergy from these particular food items then you can jump on to others.

You should add more ingredients gradually so that it would be easy to identify for you about the food allergies. As soon as you notice some food allergy then avoid it immediately.

Treatment that can help your dog with food allergy

There are plenty of food items available that are highly nutritious and protein rich. Your dog does not react to these food items. Little care, proper education and doctor assistance can keep your dog always safe and protected from all type of food allergies.

In case, your dog still has allergy problem then there may be condition that your dog is not allergic from food but environmental contaminants. Protecting your dog with food allergies is an overwhelming experience today with right medication and proper technique.

If you have any questions about your dog’s allergies, please feel free to ask using the comments box below

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