Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween Costumes for Dogs Halloween raptor costume


Hauntingly amazing accessories for your dog!

Hurray! It’s Halloween time again. Gone are the days when the word Halloween was used in relation to ghosts and spirits. Eventually, Halloween theme has evolved into a day of celebration with scandalously hilarious costumes of ghouls, uproarious parades and parties, and, of course, creepy candies.

History of Halloween Dog CollarHalloween!

Let us dig a bit into the history behind Halloween day. It can be traced back to 8th century, when the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain was uplifted to Halloween Day. In the ancient festival, people used to dress as scary as ghosts and walked through the streets with bonfires.

The Celts considered it as a day to mark the end of harvest season, and welcome winter of shorter days and longer days. There was a belief that the day of transition of the season was a bridge to the world of dead. Pope Gregory of the 8th century announced November 1 as a day to honor all martyrs and saints. The previous night was considered as All Hallow’s Eve, which historians claim as an ancient method to ridicule the power of death. Later it progressed into what it is today.

Humorously scary products for dogs!

It is the month of October and companies are far ahead ready with products to make your Halloween outfit humorously fit. It is time people hunt for easier and wickedest decor and costume ideas for creating a memorable Halloween party at their home. The markets continue get flooded up with brilliant and spooky products year after year. Check out few fantastic products for your pet here. halloween_shirt for dog

Certainly Halloween is not only about dressing yourself, but also your dog should be dressed up perfectly for the occasion. A perfectly unique Halloween dog collar would make your dog one of the spookiest and a cute one, definitely. Your dog will be looking fit with a pumpkin smoocher or a leather belt with wild prints on it.


A harness vest would surely add to the glory of the party. What about a Happy Halloween dog shirt? Or a ghost hunter dog shirt? There are different types of dog shirts with skulls, ghouls and beyond, that will make your right choice.

Do not forget to attach a ‘Trick or Treat’ charm which is another way to add a bit of Halloween to the collar. If that does not make your choice, you have dozens of other charms, bells or tags for you to choose one. After all, it is time you need to be hauntingly creative for yourself as well as your pet.


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