Healthy Dog Food

Healthy Dog Food


In Nikita her early years we gave her the standard dog food, but Nikita didn’t like it. She didn’t like dog food at all and believe me, we tried. When she started losing weight we gave up, she ate with us and we mixed it with royal canin. But we were searching for natural healthy dog food, without al the chemicals (like in our food) and the we found BARF.

What is BARF?

It is the best food you can give your dog, BARF = Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a mixture of raw meat, fruit, vegetables and bone. Nikita liked it 🙂 For the first time we saw a real dog eating. We heard friends telling us: “my dog’s food bowl is empty in seconds” or “My dog gets real exited when his diner is prepared” Nikita didn’t have that, she looked at it and looked at me, if she wanted to say, “You are not eating it, so why should I?” And then we gave her BARF and we could say the same, Nikita’s food bowl is empty in seconds. WE really saw a happy dog after diner.

Why BARF Can Be Good for Your Dog?

It is biologic, it resembles as possible the diets of dogs in the wild, where food is fresh, and often freshly killed.  The BARF diet includes all the ingredients needed for a long and healthy life for your dog. The food must contain such things as muscle meat, bone, fat, organ meats, vegetable and fruit materials combined in precisely the correct balance just as Mother Nature intended


The Benefits of the BARF Diet

Here are some of the benefits you’ll see in your dog when you switch to the BARF Diet®:

  • Tarter buildup on the teeth is eliminated, breath is improved, and your dog will have strong, beautiful teeth.
  • Itchy skin conditions associated with allergies will be alleviated, and you can expect a shiny and lustrous coat.
  • Chronic Diarrhea often disappears, and stool volume and odor is significantly reduced.
  • Your pet’s weight will be brought into line, and it’s easy to maintain a leaner, more fit body.
  • The immune system is strengthened and you’ll begin to see increased mobility in arthritic pets.
  • Your pet’s health and well being will improve for a long and wonderful life.
  • Increase energy and vitality – your dog will act like a puppy again.

Supplements and the BARF Diet

Supplementing the BARF diet may be necessary simply because you are not providing your dog with everything he or she would get by killing and eating fresh game. The biggest thing is to avoid over supplementation.

Since BARFers don’t feed the WHOLE animals including eyes, brains, stomach and intestines, adding essential fatty acids like fish oil or flaxseed oil is good. Yogurt also has good bacteria and can be fed as well. Consider kelp now and then for its trace elements and vitamins C and E for their antioxidant properties.

We’re not talking about adding these every day as a normal part of the diet, unless there is good and sufficient reason to do so, such as illness or chronic stress. The question then becomes what do you use and why or what is in it that makes it a good supplement for your dog.

In general, vitamins and minerals at the right levels promote the health of your dog. They help boost their stamina, help with fertility, increase their disease resistance, and promote a longer life. Not a bad list of recommendations, is it? This is pretty much in a nutshell what we would all like for our dogs.

A properly formulated BARF diet will contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, delivered in the right form for your dog, and honestly, they shouldn’t need a supplement.

However, having said that, there are many factors in the food chain that you can’t really control – e.g. food grown on poor quality soils, harvested before ripening and transported long distances, food left on the shelf longer that it should be, etc. These factors may lower levels of vitamins and minerals in the food you are feeding.

Also, since BARF is so individual in nature, you may have a dog that is older or younger or has a special need for extra supplements in the form of vitamins or minerals. If you are going to supplement, most BARFers recommend you use organic supplements whenever you can for optimal quality and nutrition.

Feeding the BARF diet is not for every dog owner, and eating the BARF diet is not for every dog. The important thing is that you keep mealtime enjoyable for your pet, while at the same time keeping the food bowl full of all the nutrients your pet needs to remain healthy and active. If you have questions about specific supplements for you dog, speak to your veterinarian.

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Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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