Hero Dog Saves Woman from Snake Bite – Video

Hero Foster dog Saves Woman from Snake Bite

This 6 month old foster dog called Guinness is a real hero.

Jenna Castello and her friend Joshua Chavez, were walking with their 6 month old hound dog, a foster dog, named Guinness.

Joshua Chavez, who was with the dog, told KMGH, “Guinness saw a threat to Jenna, saw Jenna freak out and just immediately jumped in and put himself in between her and the snake.”

Guinness was immediatly bitten twice by the snake, once in the face and once in the foot. Guinness was very sluggish not knowing where he was anymore.

When a dog is bitten by a rattlesnake, it’s recommended to keep the animal calm because, as Tenaker Pet Care Center says, “The more blood circulation, the faster the toxin will spread.”

Luckily Joshua knew what to do and rushed his dog to the car and to the Animal medical center where he was given an anti-venom.

Guinness The Hero foster dog now found his forever home, Joshua and Jenna will never let him go anymore. Watch the video below to see the complete story

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