How Dogs Communicate with each Other

dog communicationHow Dogs Communicate with each Other

Dogs communicate in unique ways, as creatures they too need to have a way to express certain thoughts and feelings in their daily lives. The same way we use words they are able to use unique sounds to relay information with themselves and with us. As young puppies a small whimper is all that is needed for attention so dogs learn these skills in their early lives. Below I have outlined the various methods along with a brief explanation of their meaning. These tips can help every owner learn more about their dogs a lot more.


This is indeed the most often type of sound used by dogs to communicate. A single bark can imply a number of things as a result, we must know how to understand them. Sometimes dogs start barking to warn or notify others dogs and their owners of an unfamiliar presence or smell. Also dogs bark to defend and protect their own territorial boundaries.


dogs use this behavior usually to seek for attention. This goes all the way back to when they were puppies where they learned that whining will get them some sort of attention their mother or owner. Mature or older dogs may equally whine as a way of greeting other dogs. That’s why when you go to any dog kennel you hear a lot of whining. You actually have a room packed with strangers trying to know one another. The most important whine from your dog is of course when he’s in pain. Therefore as dog owners we need to be aware of this type of bark immediately it’s made.


often are perceived as a sign of frustration or boredom. This is not too common among domesticated dogs given that they don’t have too many periods of intense encounters for instance the dangers of hunting (or being hunted) in the wild. The grunt of a dog is usually the after-effect of an event, the relief after such type of extreme experience in domesticated dogs occurs after a show of aggression.


this behavior has a wide range of purposes however it is often related to danger which is true in some cases. Though it may imply a different sign is some other cases. Dogs growl for couple of reasons, some of which are actually playful such as when they are playing and make a short crisp growl accompanied by a wagging tail. But on the other hand, growls can be identified by a stance when aggressive, these growls may be accompanied by a snarl or deep stare, so beware of these barks, it can be a sign of danger. Surprisingly growling among dogs is used as a tool to indicate dominance. This is how they define the chief leader of the pack. The leader will growl at another fellow member of the pack which will in turn whimper or whine as a symbol of submission. Hence the next time you hear a dog’s growl, look at the movements of the dog as well. That’s if you have time, if not… just run for your life.


for a few reasons are usually more related to wolves but is also used by dogs as methods of long distance communication. More often than not, domesticated dogs howl as a reaction to certain stimuli such as sirens.

The key point to remember here is that we must train our dogs to use these barks as a way of interacting with you, their owners. As the old saying goes, “If you ask a dog a question he must surely answer”. So the next time your dog yell and bark “what is it boy!” be able to recognize the sound. So you will understand whether he wants to play or if something odd is happening around your environment.

Therefore let’s make sure we learn how our dogs communicate so as to be able to reply back.

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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