How to clean a dog’s ears?

How to clean your dogs ears?How to clean a dog’s ears?

If you have 2 dogs, this pictures shows one way to do it 🙂

No, just kidding you have to do it yourself, or if it is really bad you need to go to the vet. Nikita did not had a lot of problem with dirty ears, or except the deafness, any problems with her ears. But we had it once, she was suddenly shaking her head and showed clearly that the problem was with her ear.



So what to do then? Well go to your local pet store and buy
* an ear cleaner for dogs (this is a great one to use ->> VETERICYN ALL ANIMAL EAR 4OZ )
* and buy bag of cotton balls in the local store Ear Cleaner for Dogs, Vetericyn(use only cotton balls or gauze, no swabs, the swabs can harm the ear)


So now we have the necessary products in place, so we are ready to start cleaning our dogs ear, or ears. Let me tell you if you do this for the first time, your dog probably will not like it so much. So how can we clean our dog’s ears without getting him stressed out. It’s always best to start cleaning the ears when your dog is just a puppy, but if you have not done that, like us with Nikita, you can do it like this:

  1.  Try to make it fun, we always tried to make the health care parts fun, so we always had Nikita’s favorite snacks in place
  2. Start gently, like always and if you have a partner, do it together. Start with putting the ear cleaner on the cotton balls (you do not need to make the cotton ball sopping wet) and then gently clean the ear from the outside in. Use multiple cotton balls if you need to. With Nikita we also used a couple.
  3. When you come inside the ear and you feel resistance then you stop. Watch the cotton ball if it is very dirty, clean the ears again or the next day. If they are still very dirty the next day, take your dog to the vet for a consult.
  4. Try to clean your dogs ears every week to prevent problems

Watch the video below wich shows how to clean your dog’s ears.


I hope this post is helpfull and if you have any questions, or want to ask something about your dog, don’t hesitate and leave me a comment below. I’m happy to help you

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)


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