How to Clean my Dog’s Teeth?



Do you have a pet dog? Are you paying attention to your dog’s health and hygiene? Are you sure? The reason behind these questions is that, most dog owners neglect the importance of cleaning or brushing their dog’s teeth. Cleaning your dog’s teeth is very difficult and matter of fact, dangerous! On the other hand, you might have been cleaning your dog’s teeth but are you doing it the right way? Read till the end if you are keen when it comes to your dog’s teeth and hygiene.

To successfully clean your dog’s pearly whites teeth (are they truly that white?), you have to identify the proper and best oral care for your precious pet and this can extend the lifespan of your dog. The life of a dog can be extended by four to five years only if you take proper care of their teeth other than proper diet and harmonious environment.

To properly clean your dogs teeth and extend his lifespan, here are the various and effective ways to do that.

Using a Brush

To stop the loss of gums supporting your dog’s teeth or limit the diminishing of your dog’s gum, it is best if you

  • Brush down and away from the gingival margins of the upper teeth, and
  • Up and away from the gingival margins of its lower teeth.

However, in cleaning dog’s teeth you can only do your best and any brushing you do is an extra bonus and far better for your pet than none at all.

90% of the problems in brushing dog’s teeth are the outside surfaces of the teeth, e.g. the surfaces which are adjacent to the dog’s cheeks and lips.

It takes just 24 hours for Plaque to start forming from the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth (the same as for humans). You can’t feed your dog everyday and gets away with brushing its teeth couple of times a week. Brushing your dog’s teeth should be an everyday activity, but if you do it only once a week it will make a difference. You can also brush one day and spray your dog’s teeth another day, or use a gel on his teeth before sleeping, this way the gel can do it’s work all night.

Video below shows you how to brush your dog’s teeth


How to clean your dog’s teeth using Sprays


Some dogs easily adapt to having their teeth cleaned up using brush others don’t. If you have a dog that stubbornly rejects the toothbrush, but all is not lost because there are other alternatives like homeopathic sprays, gels, pellets, gels, and drops on the both offline and online which are excellent alternatives to brushing.

Spray Me TRuDog

4 out of 5 dogs will get gum disease in their lifetime! Gum disease can lead to more severe infections in the heart, liver and kidney of your best friend!

Sprays/gel works by stimulating the enzymes in dog’s saliva to change the chemistry in its mouth, just a few sprays each morning and evening is enough to keep your dog’s teeth clean and its gums health without adverse effects. 

If your dog also refuses the spray, try diluting a few drops of spray in water and carefully use a syringe to squirt the liquid into the side of its mouth. In no time, the plaque and calculus softens, finally the calculus (tartar) falls off and the plaque washes away.

Sprays for cleaning dog’s teeth are scientifically formulated for all breeds of dogs, and are preferred by responsible pet lovers worldwide.

So no more excuses for not brushing and cleaning your dog’s teeth 🙂


Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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