How To Potty Train A Puppy?

potty trainHow to potty train your puppy?

You brought you puppy home. You puppy has learned with his mother to pee and poo in the box or place where they stayed in. The mother cleaned the pups and kept the place clean. But Now your puppy is at home and mother isn’t there anymore, so they need to learn not to pee en poop everywhere.

Where do you start?

A great way is to buy training pads and put several of them in your house. Why serveral, you need to be very quick to move your puppy to a place where it is okay to pee. The best thing to do in the beginning is stay with your puppy in only one room of the house, it will make it easier for you to watch his every move. A puppy needs to eliminate about every 30-45 minutes, except when he is sleeping. And luckely puppies sleep a lot! Your puppy needs time to learn how to hold in. He has no controle over his bladder at this time. Every time you think he needs to go potty, take him to a training pad and praise profusely and enthusiastically him when he eliminates on the training pad. When you are getting better in noticing when your puppy needs to go potty, you can remove some of the training pads, and leave the one close to the door, because you want to learn your puppy to go potty outside. After about 5 or 6 months your puppy needs to have controle over his bladder, but little accidents will happen until about a year old. And with the little misstakes I mean the happy peeing, when thay get very excited and happy when you are home again, or when someone is coming to visit. Every puppy is different, but we kept this guideline in mind with Nikita. Nikita was 5 months old when she was completely housebroken, but the happy peeing stayed a few months longer.

When does your puppy needs to go potty?

  • Immediatly after waking up
  • After drinking a lot and after eating
  • After play time
  • When they start whining

What to do if your puppy makes a potty training mistake?

I can tell you this will happen a lot in the first few day’s. They are very quick and they are just little output machines. So yes you will find pee in your house, you can clean it and use an pet odor eliminator and
pet urine cleaner . I advice you to have it in your house before you bring your puppy home. If you catch your puppy peeing, you can lift him up quickly, the peeing wil stop naturally and you put him on the training pad. He will be a little confused at the beginning but most of the time he will continuing his pee. Ofcourse if he does, praise him enthusiastically. Never ever punish your puppy for making potty mistakes! And believe me it can be very frustrating some times, for example, we lived in an appartment when Nikita was little, we had to take 6 stairs to be outside, so we took Nikita serveral times a day, downstairs to go potty. Nikita loved it outside, but in the beginning did not understand what to do outside, so she was just walking happy en sniffing al things and when we entered our appartment again she peed immediatly. After a few days, she did occasionally pee outside, we praised that with great enthousiasm cheap lasix 100 mg. The pooping went great outside.

Potty training at night

Before going to bed bring your puppy to the potty area, it can be a little walk outside or you can use the training pad. Then put you puppy in his crate next to your bed and put the lights out. Maybe you puppy will whine a little in the beginning, put your hand in the crate and comfort him. When you wake up in the middle of the night because of the whining, it is best to get out of bed and bring your puppy to the potty area, praise and reward him if he goes potty. Don’t worry about getting up every night because the whining will stop after a day or 2 and most of the time your puppy will sleep through the night. When you wake up, get dressed and take your puppy out for his potty training. Feed him afterwards.

Potty training when you are not at home

You can leave your puppy in his crate if you trained him with a crateiCrate Double Door Dog Crateor you can leave him in one room. We left Nikita in the kitchen with a bowl of water and if you want some food. Make sure it is puppy prove! When they are little the explore and chew on everything, so leave some toys for them, no bones if you are not in the room. We had the training pad laying in there as wel. Don’t be surprized if the training pad is torned into pieces when you come home, pups do that, they play with everything, which is also the fun part of a puppy. When you come home, first take your puppy for a walk,after that just clean it up and put some fresh training pads in the room. When your puppy has found his preferred place to go potty, reduce some of the training pads to just the area your puppy prefers to go potty.



If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)










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