How To Walk Your Puppy?

38How to Walk your puppy?

The first walk with Nikita

I still remember when we got our Nikita, see fitted in our hand. It was the happiest moment in my life! We brought her home, introduced her to our house, held her in our arms, it was great and it still is! Nikita was so small that we bought her a collar for a cat at first and a leash of course.

When we first put the collar on her she didn’t like it at all, she thought it was the strangest thing that happend to her. Well she survived that, then we put the leash on and took her outside, she had been outside at the breeder also, but this was a different environment, so it was a little bit scary and at the same time also exciting with al the new smells and all. But that stupid leash, that was not nikita’s favorite in the beginning, when we pulled it just a little she just sat down and didn’t walk anymore.

Nikita had to get used and get familiar with the collar and leash, so practice, practice, practice. Nikita now wears a harness vest, we think it is better for her because she is a small dog and she looks great with it! she has a harness vest like this:  These harnesses come in different sizes, they are soft harnesses. We first had a K9 Harness but after the surgery, when a tumor was removed under the armpit, we wanted a soft harness for Nikita.
Puppia dog harness

Walking your puppy the right way from the beginning

  • When leaving your house, you go first
  • When walking outside, you walk in front of your puppy

How long is the walk?

In the beginning you don’t walk that long but you walk often. Your dog should be vaccinated, if she doesn’t have the necessary vaccinations you should be carefull with other dog and poop of other dogs. A maltese is a small dog they get a lot of excercise indoors as well. With Nikita we always walk a minimum of 20 minutes per walk. On rainy days, the walks are shorter 🙂


Unfortunatly we don’t have a video of Nikita’s first walk, but I found this cute one on youtube

 If you have any questions on how to walk your puppy, please leave them in the comments below or use the contact form

We are always happy to help


Cheers Simone & (Nikita)



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