Indoor Exercise Tips for You and Your Dog

dog toysIndoor Exercise Tips for You and Your Dog.


It is getting colder outside, maybe there is snow as well, your dog needs the exercise, you know it, but it is really cold outside and you don’t want to walk half a hour in this cold. Well you can do other things, indoors, where it is nice and warm. Before you think you don’t have to go outside anymore, you’re wrong, your dog needs to pee and go potty, so you have to face the cold at least two times a day.




But there are some great things you can do inside as well

  • Hide and Seek -> Nikita loved this, we played it with food. We let her smell the food first and because Nikita was a little lazy, we let her watch while hiding the food. She got really exited and started running before her paws hit the ground, she rushed around the house and looked at as when she find a treat and we told her to find more. It is a great game for your dog, he is using his nose, this will make him tired and you have a lot of fun watching your dog search.
  • Trow and fetch -> Nikita wasn’t a dog for this game, when I trew something, she looked at me if she wanted to say, well you trow it away so it isn’t funny. But many many dogs love this game. You have a great interaction with your dog and also a lot of fun.
  • Treadmill -> We all see Cesar Milan use it for dog’s he trains, it is just a great way to exercise your dog indoors if you don’t want to go outside or you don’t have the time sometime.
  • Puzzle Games – > Most dogs love this, Nikita liked it also, but she wanted us to get the treats out 🙂 but most dogs love this, your dog needs to put some effort in it to get his treat and the fun thing is there are more difficulty levels as well. It is just fun to play and great for bonding with your dog.                                         You create some quality time together.

dog puzzles

    • Chew Toys – These are always great, Nikita loved the Kong especially with a great treat in it. The Kong is also great to play with because of its bounce, so you can also play trow and fetch with this super toy and there are a lot more of these great toys to choose from.

tough chew toys

Have fun playing with your dog indoors. With Nikita I also played hide and seek, for me it was easier because Nikita was deaf, but we really had a lot of fun playing this game. You can try it as well, i’m sure you have lots of fun together.

Do you have questions or just a comment, please drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help you if needed.


Cheers Simone & (Nikita)


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