The Loss of a Pet – In Memoriam Nikita 2003-2014

The loss of a Pet – In Memoriam Nikita 2003-2014

Nikita  This is without a doubt the saddest blog I write. Last saterday the 13th of december 2014 our sweet little bundle of love and joy, the love of my life, my best friend passed away. I always feared this day, because you know as a dog owner that you will survive your dog.

Nikita born on the 10th of august 2003 came in our life when she was 8 weeks old. It felt like the sun never stopped shining, my heart felt warm and happy. She brought me so much joy, unconditional love and happiness. I never tought life could be so great, the first time I saw Nikita it was true love at first sight.

Grieving the loss of my dog Nikita.


If I could turn back time I would, but that’s not possible.

The first couple of day’s your feelings are in some kind of roller coaster, I felt an still feel really sad and hurt inside. Sometimes I was angry or scared. Scared of was there really nothing we could do anymore?

Nikita was with me everywhere I went. Now I need to learn to do things on my own again. The first day I went to go to work I cried all the way, because she was always sitting next to me.

I cried for days and still cry, asking myself questions of: why, why did you have to leave me already and how do I live without you. The emptyness left behind is very very painfull, it feels like a part of me is missing,  but slowly the pain inside will be replaced with all the beautifull memories we have together and we have a lot of great wunderfull memories. I do miss her every day, but in my heart she is with me forever! I wrote a Poem for Nikita, (I had to translate is, because i’m dutch) to express my feelings.


I wrote her a Poem:

Sweet Sweet Nikita

You were born On the 10 of August 2003, the day I saw you for the very first time,
my heart filled with love and Joy and felt Free

From that day on we were insaparably linked together, Our hearts and soul were with an invisible, unbreakable string tied together

I’m so happy and gratefull to had you in my life for over 11 years,
I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world, even though the loss of you is bringing me great pain and a lot of tears.

You filled my heart with love and joy you gave my life meaning my little sweety , 
the pain I feel now will slowly give way to become my most beautifull memory.

Dear Nikita, I will for ever love you with all my Heart my sweety. 
You are now in a beautifull place.
We continue with our lives but never quite separately.
Nikita I love you! We remain forever bound together 
by the invisible, unbreakable string that has bound our hearts and soul together

Nikita you are forever in my heart!  Rest in peace my little sweetheart!   My sweet Nikita

The Rainbow Bridge

I had never heard of this, but reading this poem made me feel warm inside. 
I was lucky to came across this beautifull poem and want to share it with you all. 
If you have ever lost a pet, read the poem and believe in it, I know I do.


 On the 31th of december 2014 
we sent two White Heart Wish balloons to our Nikita, 
I hope they will be delivered to the Rainbow Bridge. 
I know With All My Heart that Nikita knows how much I love her 
and always will love her. 
For me it would seem like an eternity, 
but in Heaven time does not excist. 
Nikita one day will be together again!  4everNikita's memory lives on in me



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