Maltese Puppies For Sale. Buying Your First Puppy

Maltese puppieYour first Maltese Puppy.

You’ve searched al there is to know about this wonderfull loving breed and made the decision that the Maltese is the right breed for you.

So most likely you typed in “Maltese puppy for Sale” or Ï want to buy a Maltese Puppy” in google search, but how to select a responsible breeder? What we did is we looked up some breeders, read their info on the internet and made an appointment to come and watch the puppies. While visiting we asked to see the parents of the puppie as well.

We looked closely at the environment, is it clean and did we feel good about this breeder. We looked at:

  • How long are the in the involved in the dog breeding business
  • How the people treat the puppies and the other dog’s
  • There knowlegde about the breed
  • We also checked the background of the breeders, we asked arround and checked the internet about their reputation

Why we trusted the dog breeders?

  • They showed us the parents of Nikita or a least the mother
  • They told us the history of the parents of our Nikita
  • We got a complete passport of Nikita’s vaccination’s included of course the dates and stemps from the vet.
  • They showed interest in where we took Nikita and what het living environment looked like, how much time we want to spent walking Nikita and more

 Important note: You must NEVER buy a puppy in a pet store because a great majority of dogs sold at a pet store come from puppy mills!

What is a Puppy Mill?

It is a commercial breeding farm. The only goal is to gain huge profits regardless of the well being of the dogs in their care

Bring your puppy home, the first night.

You have bought your puppy and he or she is now at least 8 weeks old when you can bring him or her home and then:

  1. Give them the food they are used to get at the breeder, you can change it later on if you wish, but do it slowly, after a few weeks just mix the regular foor with some of the food you want to give.
  2. When your puppy enters your home, watch him but let him explore his new environment, make sure you have some toys onto the floor. Puppies love to sink their teeth into something. So you better make sure to use their own toys instead of your furniture 🙂
  3. Your puppy is probably already familiar with a crate, but it’s is best to introduce him a couple of times a day to his crate as home
  4. Take your new best friend out for a walk a couple of times a day
  5. Bed Time. Put your little friend in his crate near to your own bed. So you are close to him and if he needs to potty you can hear him and take him out to do his thing an go back to sleep.



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