On Vacation with Your Dog.

On Vacation with Your DogOn Vacation with Your Dog.

Spring and Summer are coming so it’s time to plan a vacation. And Yes your beloved Dog is coming along. So now you you need to worry about what to put in your suitcase but also make a checklist for your dog.

5 vacation tips for your dog’s suitcase

  1. Bring a travel crate for your dog
  2. Bring his own food and make sure you bring enough, because a sudden change of food can cause problems like diarrhea
  3. Protect your dog against diseases. Makes sure he has the proper vaccinations. Especially in southern Mediterranean countries there can be insects and parasites that are dangerous for your dog and can cause diseases. Take the vaccination information and a picture of your pooch with you
  4. Put an ID Tag on your dog’s collar with your phone number on it. If your dog get’s lost people will be able to contact you.
  5. Make sure your dog has the vaccinations needed for the country you have chosen for your holiday, you can ask your vet if you are not sure what vaccination your dog need. Best is to contact your vet a couple of weeks before your vacation, sometimes your dog needs the vaccination about 21 days before your leeve.

Dog Travel SUV Bed


Keep your dog relaxed and Calm.

Going on vacation with your dog should be fun, but it can also be a bit stressful for your dog, so always bring his favorite blanket and some of his toys. Nikita had a plush dog which was het best friend, so we always brought that one with us. We always travelled by car with Nikita. We made some stops on the way to walk her and let her drink some water.

Going on vacation with your dog by airplane.

As I mentioned before, we always travelled by car. But If you go by plane, have your dog health documents in place and make sure your dog is used to his travel crate. Don’t feed your dog just before take off, you cannot take him for a pee, so no feeding. If your dog can not fly with you in the main cabin, don’t feel sorry, because that will only bring stress to your dog. Just make sure he is already in his crate and profide him with some water for the trip, again not to much.

on vacation with your dogHave a great holiday together, relax and have fun!

Do you have some great holiday photo’s of your dog, please share, I love to see them.


Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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