PitBull Attack ordered by sick and insane Woman

Pit Bull Attack ordered by sick and insane Woman pitbull


Unfortunately I came accross this video on the news. A woman with 2 pitbulls got a altercation with an 62 year old man. And what the woman did is realy INSANE in my opinion, ze ordered her 2 dogs to attack this man. Very sad to read that this kind of people excist.

I wanted to share this with you, to know what you think. I hope this woman gets a heavy punishment for her actions. She is giving powerfull breeds a very very bad name. I must admit that i’m not very fond of pitbulls, but only because most of the time I see the wrong people with these kind of dog’s.

What I mean with the wrong people is, people who own a pitbull for a status symbol and not for the love of the breed or dog. If you want a dog, you need to find out what kind of training your dog needs and how much exercise. If you realy love your dog, you don’t ever want him to attack another dog or a human or child. If you have a child you also want the best for your child and you don’t want him end up killed because you raised him or her to be a criminal.

In my neighbourhood you see some dog owners with a powerfull breed looking at me with my small dog, well I keep my dog off leash it is your problem, your dog is a small dog. These owners have no respect for others at all. Luckely we have a lot of powerfull breed owners in the neighbourhood, who realy love their dog’s and provide in their dog needs and these owners never ever want their dog to attack a child or other dog.

When I see a video like this I hope that people who want a powerfull breed need to do a certified training with repetitions each year. Now a dog will be euthanized because his sick and insane owner. 

I’m also in favour of keeping your dog on leash. Keep them off leash only in places where it is allowed, just in respect of other dog’s and humans. 

Love your dog, no matter the breed and raise him well. A dog is not born aggressive we make them aggressive. Your dog can be your best friend and realy give you unconditional love but only if you can give your dog what he needs. If you cannot provide in your dog needs, then DO NOT buy a dog, because it is animal abuse.

Please let me knwo what you think and leave you comments below.

You can watch this horrible video below.


Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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