Puppy Development Week by Week

Puppy Development Week by Week puppy growth

In the last blog we discussed the puppy growht from birth till week 8. Today i’ll tell you about puppy development from week 8 till about 14 months old. The first thing I want to say is, start your training right a way, use baby steps. We ourselves have a new puppy, het name is Yara. Yara is a Maltese and when we got her she was 11 weeks old. You can see her on the picture below.

Puppy Yara








8 -12 weeks – Socialization and in this period fear is becoming a bigger deal.

In this period your puppy is extra sensitive for anxious experiences, pain or fright, in these weeks it can get the power of a traumatic experience. And i’m talking about the puppy’s point of view, so not the way you see it. For example if your puppy goes to the vet and has a bad experience, he can stay afraid of the vet. For you as the owner always make sure you have treats and toys available, because you can help your puppy with positive and encouraging training.

In this period let your puppy meet many other people, if completely vaccinated let him meet other dogs. Let him get used to all kind of sounds used in your daily routine.

13 – 16 weeks – Raking period

In this period your puppy starts understanding and use ranking in terms of submission and or dominance. They also start to bite harder when playing games, if they bite to hard playing with you, correct it right away, not by stop playing, but by letting know that the behaviour is unwanted. Your puppy just does not know how hard he bites. This is also the right period to put your hand in the food bowl or ad some food in the bowl while your puppy is eating to make sure your puppy will not develop food aggression.

4 – 8 months – Walking away

In this period, it sometimes looks like your puppy is deaf, this may take a few days or even a few weeks. It varies per puppy. You should train your puppy that coming to you is fun, how, call him and when he comes give him a treat or a pat on the had, do not put him on leash all the time when you call him, otherwise he will think if I go to my owner I lose my freedom. If your puppy is not listening al all in this period, keep him on leash.

6 – 14 months – Second Fear Period

In this period his behaviour can suddenly change, for example he may be reluctant. The best thing to do is to stay calm and friendly encourage your dog that there is nothing to be afraid off. Do not try to calm your dog when he is anxious by touch or words, because that way you will only show him that he is doing it right, you’ll encourage his anxious behavior. If it is an object your dog is afraid of, you as owner can touch the object and show your puppy that nothing will happen. If your puppy then comes to check out the object award him with a treat or a big complement or a pat on the head.

I hope this post was helpfull. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.


Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)









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