Puppy Growth Chart (0 – 8 weeks)

Puppy Growth Chart 0-8 weeks

Puppy Growth Chart

Early Puppy Development.

When you first bring your puppy home, your puppy should be at least 8 weeks old. We brought our new puppy Yara, home at 11 weeks, Nikita was 8 weeks old when she came home with us.

Here is our new Baby girl, Yara 🙂 Our puppy Yara

0 – 2 weeks old – Neonatal period

In the first days after birth your puppy completely depends on his mother for food and to keep warm. Your puppy can touch and taste but that is about it. They drink milk with mom about every 2 hours. On Day 12 or 13 the eyes will open, but they cannot see clearly at this point they only see light and dark.

2 – 3 weeks old – Transitional Period

In this period your puppy learns to be a dog! The eyes see more at day 19, they can hear, smell, taste and feel. They start to explore the new world arround them. In this period they start walking and learn to “use the bathroom” on their own away from their sleeping area. Around day 20 the first tooth will show. From then on, he begins to bite and chew on objects. Also his tail starts moving. On the 19th day the puppy starts to respond to sounds, but he is not yet able to pinpoint.

3 – 4 weeks old – Period of Consciousness

 Your puppy learns to eat on his own and mommy is discouraging the puppy to drink with her. The breeder already started with the dry food for your puppy.

4 – 8 weeks old – First Socialization

In this stage you are going to introduce other people and other dogs to your puppy. This is very important because good experiences with other people in this period will have a big influence on how they will continue to interact. Your puppy now also learns inhibited play biting and other dog socialization cues. He learns what sounds like squealing, whining and growling mean. He  learns to bark and how it is to have another dog barking at him. The pups play fighting games together and this way they learn what effect certain body postures and actions have. He also learns that a low posture will stop the aggression in other dogs.

The next growth periods will be explained in the following blog.

 Cheers Simone & (Nikita)


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