Puppy Yara playing

Puppy Yara Playing on a playing field.

Yara is 6 months old today and she weighs 2.2 kilo = 4.85 LBS at the moment, so she is a small dog. Yara loves other dogs, but she is a little afraid of people she doesn’t know. I will write a blog about this problem, how to deal with it and how to solve it.
Today we went to a playing field for dog’s, we do not have dog parks here, but we do have a playing field for dog’s and today there were dog’s which are yara’s size so she could really play and have some fun. For Yara this was the first time to play with dog’s her size and her age, so this was great and she absolutely loved it


They have three fields where dogs kan play

  1. a playing field for bigger and big dogs
  2. a playing field for small dogs
  3. a field to play ball

And the great thing was that all dogs get to know each other only seperate by a fench. As you can see on the video above Yara had a lot of fun with her new little friend 🙂

It was also a great opertunity for me to watch dog behaviour. I have started a dog training course and i’m studying the dog language. This is very very interesting, dogs give so much signals to each other. I also love the way they seem to dance a little when they meet, it is facinating to see.

Dogs can play here only on sunday’s as long as the city will allow it, so we will visit this great playing field again next sunday. We did

meet some nice people and Yara made some great “little” friends, so we had a great afternoon 🙂

We went home with a happy but exhuasted little dog

In this videos below you can see the bigger dogs playing and having fun.




I hope you had fun watching these short videos, we for sure had fun being at the playing field. If you want to know more about dog behavior, dog language or if you have some problems with your dog, please visit www.lovingyourdog.com or ask me a question. I’m very happy to help and I will share my knowledge with you on my website so I love to introduce you into the world of dogs and learn to communicate with your dog or dogs.

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)


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