The Best Birthday Gifts for Dogs

  • The Best Birthday Gifts for Dogs
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What to Give Your Dog as Birthday Gift

Most people usually purchase and present gift items to their loved ones during their birthdays. But finding the perfect gift to give to your dog during his birthday is a bit tougher and confusing.

So, what do you purchase for a dog? If he were a human, he would desire something that he doesn’t already have. Generally dogs are happy with a comfortable place to live, wide open space to play and three square meals. Aside from these, dogs also want something that will keep them entertained, busy and something that will give them comfort all day. Below are some gifts ideas for man’s best friend, that special canine in your life deserves a gift on his birthday just like everyone else.

I have picked some great idea’s from to give your dog, or your friends dog a true Special Birthday Gift

Bones and Chew Toys

Bones and chew-toys are traditional birthday gifts for dogs. You can offer your dog raw bones to chew on. Make sure that you do not give your dog cooked bones because they are prone to splintering. Before buying a chew toy or bone for your dog, consider his age. Puppies will wish for something different to chew on, same thing with older dogs.


BedLuxury Dog Bed

Gifting your dog a comfy bed is a great idea. Though they may like to sleep beside their masters on the same bed, but the masters may want their privacy once in a while. When buying a bed for your dog as birthday gift, make sure that the bed is big enough for the breed of dog you want to gift. Nothing can be worse than a big pooch trying to get relaxed in a bed made for a papillon.


 Pet fashions

Fashion is a big hit these days. Any society conscious dog wouldn’t be seen without making a fashion statement during his birthday party. In the winter season, dogs are dressed in knit sweaters in green, red and blue. Dogs also wear shoes and slippers to keep those precious paws from getting cold. Dressing your dog and throwing a birthday party can be very exciting to both of you.


Collars are not only designed to show ownership. You can buy your dog a personalized collar as a birthday gift. For him, select one with his name spelled out in spikes, for her choose a rhinestone studded one. The more elegant the design the better dog gift it will make.



Luxury outing

Just like humans, every dog needs a time away. For that special canine in your life, take him to the doggie spa for a special treat as his birthday gift. Dog spas will pamper your dog in luxury. He’ll be properly groomed, fed, meet other dogs and given a chance to run free as much as he wants.


Note: Consider going for a gift that is both functional and thoughtful. Always keep in mind that whatever you get your dog must be something worth given as a birthday present.


Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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