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Groom your dog at homeHow to Groom Your Dog At Home

To groom your dog regulary is not only for show dogs, some dog owners feels that brushing their dog occasionally is all that is needed to keep their household friend neat and okay. Actually, proper and regular grooming is an essential part of your dog’s health.

Grooming your dog at home can be an exciting experience for you and your dog depending on your attitude in handling it. Proper preparation and right tools is the key for a successful grooming session with your lovely dog.


It is best to groom your dog after an exercise or long walk to guarantee a successful grooming session with your pet. This exercise would help to calm her down and she would be unable to put up much resistance and fight when she is physically exhausted. If you are grooming your dog for the first time, it is better to keep it short and gradually increase the timing as she gets used to the experience. I groom Yara myself and I started when she was a little puppy. For Yara’s coat I use scissors. You can use a clipper if you want to but I prefer the scissors.


A short video for you with some great tips to groom your dog at home

Happy paws:

For your own safety, the first thing you should do is to clip her nails so that she doesn’t leave you with painful marks when you are struggling to groom her. Dog paws can become ragged if not trimmed regularly, so be sure to have a durable pet nail scissors and a nail file for animal claws. Be careful not to cut your dog’s veins or nerves when trying to trim her nails. There are motorized nail kits that can do a clean job in filling down animal nails so you don’t have to worry if you are not an expert in using file or a pair of scissors.

Shiny Coats Smell Sweet:

It’s important to brush her furs before bathing her or the water would make the tangled or matted areas very difficult to handle. Just like humans, pets have a wide variety of shampoos for bathing. If your dog has a sensitive skin, you may consider shopping for an organic style or a medicated brand with oatmeal to sooth the irritations. After bathing, use a grooming spray or mister to bring out the healthy shine in your dog’s fur. Never make the mistake of using human shampoo on your pet, as dog shampoos are specially prepared for body and fur texture.

Dental care:

It is important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly as dogs can also develop severe teeth problems, immune system problems and even death. Brush your dog’s teeth using a dog-safe toothpaste. Using human toothpastes is not good for dogs as it may contain fluoride which is harmful to dogs when ingested. There are various types of toothbrush/paste for dogs both online and offline. It is okay to use children’s toothbrush for adult dogs and compact rubber finger tip toothbrush for puppies.

Trim the fur:

Depending on the bread of dog you have, you’ll need to give your dog a good clipping occasionally. Power Pro, Oster, and Andis are good companies that offer electric fur trimmers. Consider trimming your dog’s fur in the hotter seasons to reduce dander in the home.

Nail grooming kits, Shampoos, fur trimmers, these are the essentials supplies to keep handy when your dog is ready for a makeup.


Regular and proper grooming of dog does wonders for her happiness and health.

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)


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