How To Train Your Dog To Sit?

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How To train your dog to Sit?

How To Train Your Dog To Sit?

This is the first command you want to teach your puppy / dog. You can start the training right away every time your dog sits down by it’s own you say the word “Sit”,  this way your dog will link the word to his behavior.

When you start the training, remember always to stay calm. Give a command one time, if your dog does not respond repeat the command after 10-15 seconds. Train for 5 minutes at a time and then relax and play, or take a walk together. Repeat the training 3 to 5 times a day.

Training methode #1

  1. Keep a treat in your hand
  2. Move your hand with the treat inside slightly above your dog’s head, like you are pushing your dog in a sitting position. So don’t keep your hand to high, because then your dog will jump and we don’t want that. We are training the “Sit” command.
  3. Say the command “Sit” or “your dogs name” followed by “Sit”
  4. If your dog sits’praise him by giving him the treat

With Nikita we only used the hand gesture to make her sit, as you know Nikita was deaf so verbal commands did not work. I think for every dog it is very good to train the hand gesture right away, many dog’s will become deaf when they get older, so why not start right away with hand gestures.

Training methode #2

  1. Put your dog/puppy on a leash
  2. Stand besides your dog/puppy and make sure you both look in the same direction
  3. Push the back of your dog/puppy down while holding the leash tight, if this is difficult it might be necessary to hold his collar, in order to keep the concentration of your puppy. This will also ensure that he can not walk away from you.
  4. Say “Sit”when his bottom touches the floor. You can keep your hand on his back for about 30 seconds and repeat the command sit several times
  5. The remove your hand and reward your dog

Good luck and have fun with this training How To Train Your Dog To Sit? If you have any questions, or you need some other trainings please let me know in the comments below.


Her is a short video that shows you how to learn your dog/puppy to sit!

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)



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