How to Treat Hotspots in Dogs?

d238How to Treat Hotspots in Dogs?

Hotspots are irritated skin conditions. Unfortunatly Nikita has them too 🙁 We always feel very sad for her then, the hotspot makes her very nervous. But let me tell you first what a hotspot is: actually it can be anything it can be:

  • a bite from a flee, musquito or let I just say insect bites
  • an allergic reaction to things in the environment, like grass or seeds, dust mites
  • a skin wound

When Nikita gets an hotspot, we notice it now, she becomes very restless. The problem with a beginning hotspot is they start real small like a pinhead, so what we do, we look, if possible for a wet spot on her coat were she has licked. If Nikita can lick or scratch the hotspot it will become very big in seconds, so it worsens dramatically . What you’ll she then is a moist, oozing red area, which is very itchy a painfull.

What we do, when she has a Hotspot on her body, we pull her into a t-shirt or other kind of baby clothes. Why? Because this way she has no direct contact to the skin and this we prevent the hotspot to worsen.

If the hotspot is on the legs of the dog, the best thing you can use is a

 How we treat a hotspot?

  • We clip the hair arround the hotspot
  • We treat the hotspot preferably with natural products like:
    Vetisse Niuvy Skin Mend for Dog Skin Wounds – $21.40A 100% herbal alternative for dog’s skin allergies. Soothe symptoms and aid healing.

 Can you prevent a Hotspot?

No I think not, if your dog has a sensitive skin or is susceptible to skin allergies, like Nikita, you can not prefent it, but you can learn to read the signs. Whit Nikita we now see it very quickly, we just watch her closely and if we find the spot we start the treatment, we have the Vetisse Niuvy Skin Mend for Dog Skin Wounds  in house all the time. Nikita has a great wardrobe in case of a hotspot.

For Nikita we buy the t-shirts or other clothing needed in case of a hotspot just at a local baby store, but Nikita is a small dog, for a bigger dog you can go to the childrens department and buy some t-shirts.

If you have any questions please do ask them by using the comments below and I’ll be happy to help you





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