Using food to train your dog!

Using food to train your dog

Do you use food to train your dog? You can start using food and then let the food slowly fade

Using food to train your dog!


Learn your dog to sit

Learning your dog to sit. Use food to learn your dog to sit

Do you use food to train your dog? And will your dog listen if you don’t use food? These are some questions to ask. So what to do? For example you are training your dog to sit. How we did it with Nikita was like this, (see picture). So we put our had in front and above here and slowly moved forward to her with our hand. I must admitt that we in the beginning trained it with food in our hand, read inside our hand so Nikita could not see it , but slowly we let the food fade.

Why did we use food in the first place?

Because it makes it easier for you and more important your dog has to learn to listen to your command. If your dog understands the command you are going to fade the food. Why? Because you don’t want your dog only to do something for food, like I mentioned in 7 tips to train your dog, training with your dog should be fun. Once your dog understands the command “sit” or with our Nikita it was just the hand sign, you can give a treat once in a while. That was what we did, we sometimes gave her a food treat because we were proud that she listened so very good. Maybe your dog performs better if you cuddle him or play ball with him, these are also options to reward your dog for learning the command, it does not always have to be food. So just look what suits your dog and have fun with the training, that is the best advice.

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Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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