Watch this dog having fun in a Water Fountain

Watch this cute dog having fun in a Water Fountain

I came across this cute video of a dog, named Sasha, who is having fun playing in a Water Fountain. I always had great and fun times with my dog Nikita, she really could made me smile and feel happy. I must admit Nikita wasn’t a big fan of water. She was a just puppy when she jumped spontaneously in the water with two white shepards and she went under, came out, looked at me if she said, What happend? And she never did it again. So I strongly believe, she didn’t like that 🙂

If you watch this video, i’m sure it will make you smile and you might think: I wish I good be a dog and enjoy the simple pleasures in Life. Because that is what dog’s teach us, one of the many lessons, learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

Have fun watching and have a great day!



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