Watch this Dog Rescue Video and You’ll Believe in True Love

2 dogs show true loveWatch this Dog Rescue Video and You’ll Believe in True Love


These two lovely dogs were found lost walking the streets of Los Angeles. Some people luckely called the rescue center. So some people of the rescue team came and search for the two dogs.

What the rescue team did not counted on was the distrust of one of the dogs. Which was very suspicious and relucted what made it almost impossible to come closer. After several attempts they finally catched the dog. Then the most beautiful thing happend, the second dog also let them catch him. Why? Because he wanted to stay together with his friend. If this isn’t True Love, then what is.

They named the dogs: Monica and Chandler

Watch this great video below

 You can find more about the by visiting ther website, you can even make a donation to help then continue the great work they are doing.

You can read there rescue promise here, read there full story on the website

The Rescue Promise


There is an old Chinese proverb that states: “If you save a life, you are responsible for that life”. Rescue From The Hart honors this philosophy with every animal that we rescue. When we say “yes” to a dog or cat in need, we are making a promise that we will provide them with anything they need to be happy and healthy, for the rest of their life. This means never cutting corners, never take the easy way out and never looking at one of our rescued as just another number. We make the same commitment to our adopters by going the extra mile to help educate them, support them during tragedies, and be there to offer solutions if their lives happen to get turned upside down.


When you support Rescue From The Hart, you help enable us to continue making the “Rescue Promise” to homeless and abandoned pets everywhere!

I trust you loved the video, look at Monica and Chandler now, They look great and Happy.monica and chandler

Cheers Simone & (Nikita)

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