Why do Dogs Attack Other Dogs?

why do dogs attack other dogs Why do dogs attack other Dogs?

Are they dominant dogs? I think not, most of the dog attacks come from insecure or frustrated dogs.





When is a dog frustrated?

First of all you need to know everything over the breed there is.

  • What is the activity they need
  • What is the temperament of the dog
  • What are your living conditions
  • How to groom your dog

Almost all frustrated dogs comes from a lack of exercise. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise your dog can become frustrated. You can also do activity games with your dog, your dog needs to excercise to feel happy.

Insecure Dogs

Our Nikita, a maltese is born deaf. She is now 11 years old, we we not allowed to attend a puppy course or dog training course because of Nikita’s deafness. So we trained Nikita by reading books, But I didn’t learn the body language properly and a maltese is also difficult to read because of the coat.

The first 2 years we went to dog parks with her and we thought she was playing with all kind of dogs like rottweillers, terriers, spaniels, german sheperd, american steffards ect.

When Nikita turned 2 years old things changed, what we tought of as playing turned into biting. Other dogs attacked Nikita, you can imagine that that made us insecure as well. I must tell these dogs were on leash when they attacked her.

So how did we handle this dog attack problem?

We invited a dog trainer and explained our problem. He watched Nikita in all her activities and he noticed that she is doing everything wrong, Nikita shows dominance but she doesn’t know it. Nikita doesn’t look at the behavior of another dog, only when that dog shows its teeth. We always thought that Nikita was playing in the park, but most of her behavior was insecure behavior.

How do we handle dog attacks and prefent biting incidents?

  • I always look at the owner first when an on leash bigger dog approches first, if I don’t know the dog, I ask the owner to keep his dog on a short leash.
  • I look at how Nikita is approaching the other dog
  • I don’t walk Nikita in off leash areas anymore

What Do We When An Off Leash Dog Charges Us?

  • I look for the owner an ask (call or shout) to call there dog back
  • I put Nikita on a short leash (I use a flexi leash) ingnore the dog and continue the walk
  • I prevent the dog from coming close to Nikita, I try to block the dog
  • I alway have dog food with me, so I try to throw food As soon as the dog is within your throwing range, throw the food at him. While this will not always work, it’s something to try.
  • If you are close to a busy road, you can cross that road, if possible pick up your dog, most likely the owner of the agressive dog then will try to call back his dog

Worst case senario

What if you are to late doing al the things mentioned above? Luckely I never had that problem with an off leash dog, I was able to grab a dog without hurting myself and I screamed very loud to a dog, that scared him away, some other options are:

  • If you have a small dog, put him on top of a car
  • I have seen Cesar Milan kicking a dog who was attacking a dog he was working with.
  • You can use a squirt bottle if you have one with you
  • Or buy SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray
    • Citronella spray formula offers humane way to deter aggressive animals
    • Just as effective as 10-percent pepper spray, yet without harmful side effects
    • Highly effective in stopping low- to medium-level aggression; safe to use indoors

I hope this was helpfull, if you have questions, or want to add something please drop me a comment below.

And most of all I hope you have great an fun walks with your dog, without ever have your dog being attacked by antoher dog

Cheers Simone, Yara & (Nikita)

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