Why do Dogs like to sleep with their Owners?

  • Why do Dogs like to sleep with their Owners?

Does your dog sleep in your bed?

Many dog owners absolutely love taking their dogs to bed with them and your dog loves it. All dogs like to sleep with their owners.  There are few things better than having a soft and fluffy friend sharing the room with you – if you are the type of person who can put up with it. Of course, there are also a fair amount of people who are opposed to the idea, but among true dog lovers these are probably in the minority.

Firstly, you should consider if you could get to sleep yourself at night with having your dog in the same room. Dogs, like humans, can snore and this problem can be more noticeable in some breeds more than others. Particularly short-nosed dogs like a Pug or Bulldog, though almost any kind of dog can snore.

Another question you should ask is whether you can have them in your bed or not. With larger breeds, this is probably not even possible. But if your dog is small, chances are they would prefer to be in the same bed for additional warmth. The only question is if you can put up with it. There are some dogs, though, that may actually prefer sleeping on the floor. If this is the case then you might consider getting them their own doggy bed that you can pop on the floor so they can sleep in on their own.



As a general rule, you should avoid giving your dog food and water after dinner time unless it’s a really hot night. The more water keeps going into their body, the more chance that they’ll have to wake up in the night and go to the toilet. If you both plan to sleep soundly through the night, this is something you want to avoid. Always give your dog one last chance to do their business by letting them out about 10 minutes before going to bed and you should be able to have them make it through the night all the time.

After sleeping together for a while, your dog will also become used to your sleeping patterns and will stay asleep for as long as you are. Another thing you can do to help them sleep well is give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation during the day. This will ensure that they are quite tired when they go to bed and won’t have much trouble getting to sleep. If they don’t have any excess energy, then problems like barking at night won’t be such a big concern for you and the two of you will be able to sleep comfortably in the same room.

If you have a small or older dog you want to take to bed, dog ramps for beds are accessory that you should think about – they let your dog climb in and out of bed, without disturbing you for any assistance!

3 perfect excuses why your dog is allowed to sleep in your bed

  1. Dogs relieve anxiety – Sleeping with your dog in the bed can help you sleep better and offer tranquility
  2. Dogs make you feel safe – True, they hear everything so you feel safe with your dog next to you, which will help you sleep better
  3. Your dog feels safe too – thats why they love to sleep in the same bed, they feel safe and calm too


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