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Dog Collars for Medium Dogs


Dog Collars for Medium Dogs Some great collars for medium size dogs. If you have a bigger dog, a medium size dog, you will need a proper collar and you want one that wil match your style, at least that…
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Dog ID Tags & Charms

Brass Super Dog ID Tag

Dog ID Tags & Charms Beautiful ID Tags & Charms for your dogs Collar Beautiful Dog ID tags or charms for your dogs collar, they don’t only look beautiful, they also make sure that your dog always finds their way…
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The most beautiful Collars for your Dog

personalized dog collars

The Most Beautiful Dog Collars for Your Dog Dog collars come in all shapes and sizes, I have made a small selection of the most beuatiful ones. I will add more in time       Beautiful Personalized Collars Price:…
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How to Get a Puppy to Sleep?

How to get a puppy to sleep

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep? When you bring your puppy home, he will explore the house and plays with almost everything he sees. Your puppy will also sleep a lot in the beginning. Nikita had that also, when…
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On Vacation with Your Dog.

On Vacation with Your Dog

On Vacation with Your Dog. Spring and Summer are coming so it’s time to plan a vacation. And Yes your beloved Dog is coming along. So now you you need to worry about what to put in your suitcase but…
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How To Train Your Dog To Sit?

hond-puppy sit

How To Train Your Dog To Sit? This is the first command you want to teach your puppy / dog. You can start the training right away every time your dog sits down by it’s own you say the word…
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Biking With Your Dog

biking with your dog

Biking with your Dog – a great outdoor activity for you and your dog! We loved to ride our bikes with Nikita, but Nikita sat in a carrier or bicycle basket, she loved it. Nikita was a bit lazy and…
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Does a Dog Have a Soul?

Dogs have a soul too

Does a Dog Have a Soul? I’m certain that dogs and all animals have souls too. Why? Well when my Nikita passed away on december 13th of 2014 I felt really lost? It was the saddest moment in my life, ofcourse I knew that I would outlive Nikita, but I secretly hoped that she could stay with me forever, that she would become the oldest dog ever! Nikita was the joy of my life, my best friend, the joy of my life, how do I go on without her? I think most people have the same hurt and sad feelings when your beloved pet passes away. …
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