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2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” Wow another great sweet, cute Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial. It is a real “tearjerker” but watch and see don’t you just love it! This is not just a commercial It has everything in…
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Healthy Dog Food

barf dog food

Healthy Dog Food   In Nikita her early years we gave her the standard dog food, but Nikita didn’t like it. She didn’t like dog food at all and believe me, we tried. When she started losing weight we gave…
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Adopt a Dog – Dog Rescue Story


I am against animal cruelty Wear this cool T-shirt and tell the world that you are against animal cruelty. Everybody must wear this. $21,00 Adopt a Dog – Dog Rescue Story   First of all I want to say I.m…
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7 Tips to Train Your Dog

10 tips to train your dog

7 Tips to Train your Dog Training your dog is fun, you have some quality time together and after the training you have the play time, because training your dog is very intensive for your dog. When I trained Nikita…
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Are Dogs Really Colorblind?

Are dogs Colorblind

Are Dogs Really Colorblind? Well they are not completely colorblind they can see the colors yellow and blue. Dogs are born blind and deaf This is true, when they are born they are blind and deaf and after 10-14 days…
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Listen to What This Dog Says, So Cute!


Listen to What This Dog Says, So Cute! I found this video on youtube and it is SOOO Cute, you must see it. This dogs says the cutest thing, don’t we all want that. Let me know what you think…
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Indoor Exercise Tips for You and Your Dog

indoor exercise tips for dogs

Indoor Exercise Tips for You and Your Dog.   It is getting colder outside, maybe there is snow as well, your dog needs the exercise, you know it, but it is really cold outside and you don’t want to walk…
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