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Warm Dog Vests

Warm dog Vests

Warm Dog Vests are a must for your pets   During winter, we have loads of warm clothing for ourselves. We can also buy a lot of beautifull warm clothes for our dogs. Whenever we go out with our pets,…
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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween raptor costume

Halloween Costumes for Dogs   Hauntingly amazing accessories for your dog! Hurray! It’s Halloween time again. Gone are the days when the word Halloween was used in relation to ghosts and spirits. Eventually, Halloween theme has evolved into a day…
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Funny Puppy Pictures

funny puppy picture

We all love to look at Puppy pictures. Are you looking for a new puppy or maybe your first puppy? What kind of dog do you want and have you looked at your own situation, do you have time for…
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Puppy Yara playing

dogs playing

Puppy Yara Playing on a playing field. Yara is 6 months old today and she weighs 2.2 kilo = 4.85 LBS at the moment, so she is a small dog. Yara loves other dogs, but she is a little afraid…
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Puppy Pictures of Yara

puppy pictures of Yara

Puppy Pictures of Yara from birth to 5 months old. As you have read on my website, Yara is our second dog. Our first dog Nikita sadly passed away on the 13th of december 2014. We had our Nikita for…
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How Do You Crate Train a Puppy?

Puppy crate training tips

How to crate train a puppy? A crate, or indoor home is an excellent tool to have for your dog. It provides a safe place for your dog and it works great to train your dog. We use a crate…
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